CVSA offers information and tools for inspectors, commercial motor vehicle drivers, mechanics and vehicle maintenance personnel, transportation professionals, motor carriers and the general public.

As background, we have a few resources that might be of interest to link to.

  • Understanding the North American Standard Inspection Program – This CVSA brochure describes the North American Standard Inspection Program, the levels of inspections, CVSA decals, the out-of-service criteria, along with a helpful chart outlining the the steps in the various inspection levels.
  • North American Standard Roadside Inspection Vehicle Cheat Sheet – Download this flyer detailing the components of the commercial motor vehicle that the inspector will inspect when conducting a Level I Inspection.
  • State Mandated Inspection Programs – This list includes all the states that have implemented a mandatory state inspection program. Vehicle inspections conducted under this program are equivalent to a periodic inspection because they meet the requirements in Appendix A. Additionally, FMCSA recognizes the equivalency of inspections conducted in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan and the Yukon Territory.
  • Passenger-Carrier Resources – Visit this page for links to helpful resources for passenger-carrier motor carriers and drivers.
  • Automated Commercial Motor Vehicle Working Group Report – This report – created by the Automated CMV Working Group, part of CVSA’s Enforcement and Industry Modernization Committee – recommends approaches for inspecting ADS-equipped commercial motor vehicles.
  • International Registration Plan (IRP) Resources – IRP offers an overview for jurisdiction staff and officials new to IRP; find the answers to frequently asked questions on topics that include registration cost, record keeping and IRP registration; view IRP’s carrier training video; and view jurisdiction data information for all IRP jurisdictions on cab cards, credits/refunds, cross border requirements, fee schedules, maximum weights, registration periods, restricted plates, trip permits, wreckers, etc.
  • COVID-19 Links – CVSA consolidated links to important COVID-19 information from organizations, associations and agencies that commercial motor vehicle law enforcement personnel, motor carriers and professional drivers need to know.