About Inspection Decals

Each commercial motor vehicle (motorcoach, school bus, other bus, truck, truck tractor, semi-trailer, trailer, etc.) used singularly or in combination may qualify for a CVSA decal, if it passes inspection. The North American Standard Level I and Level V are the only inspections eligible for issuance of a CVSA decal. Level VI Inspections may also result in issuance of a special Level VI CVSA decal.

“Pass Inspection” means that during a Level I, Level V or Level VI Inspection, there are no critical violations, according to the North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria. If no critical violations are detected during the eligible inspections, a CVSA decal is applied.

Inspection decals must be affixed by North American Standard Level I, Level V or Level VI certified inspectors, meaning the government employee performing inspections and affixing CVSA decals successfully completed a training program approved by CVSA.

The CVSA decal criteria apply only to the condition of the vehicle, not the driver. It is possible for a driver to be out of service and still have his or her vehicle(s) qualify for a CVSA decal.

CVSA decals, when affixed, remain valid for a period not to exceed three consecutive months. Generally, vehicles displaying a valid CVSA decal will not be subject to re-inspection. However, nothing prevents re-inspection of a vehicle or combination of vehicles bearing valid CVSA decals.