Submitted Entries Register

CVSA maintains an online register containing entries for all submissions of Issue/Requests for Action (IRFA).

All IRFAs are assigned a registration number when received. The registration number consists of five numeric digits and a three- or four-letter committee identifier; for example, 15-007-SWC.

The structure and meaning of the registration number is as follows:

  • 19 – Calendar year in which Issue/Request for Action form was received. So “19” would refer to the year 2019.
  • 007 – Three-digit consecutive number of each IRFA registered for the given calendar year. So “007” means that this issue was the seventh IRFA submitted in that year.
  • SWC – The three- or four-letter abbreviation for the committee to which the IRFA was referred. For example, “SWC” means that the submission was assigned to the Size and Weight Committee. In the case of multiple committees, only the lead committee will be shown on the registration number.

The various CVSA committees are abbreviated as follows:

  • CDI – Crash Data and Investigation Standards Committee
  • DRV – Driver-Traffic Enforcement Committee
  • EIM – Enforcement and Industry Modernization Committee
  • HAZ – Hazardous Materials Committee
  • INFO – Information Systems Committee
  • PCC – Passenger Carrier Committee
  • PRA – Policy and Regulatory Affairs Committee
  • RAM – North American Standard Level VI Inspection Program
  • SWC – Size and Weight Committee
  • TRN – Training Committee
  • VEH – Vehicle Committee

Registration numbers run from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 of the current year. The date received as recorded on the register will be the date assigned. An IRFA received during the latter part of December of a current year will be assigned a number in the calendar year in which it was received, even though the discussions/actions by the appropriate committee(s) may not commence until the new year.

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