CVSA works with members of Congress and their staff, officials at the U.S. Department of Transportation and industry stakeholders to closely monitor, evaluate and identify potentially unsafe transportation processes and procedures, as well as to help facilitate and implement best practices for enhancing safety on our highways. Commercial motor vehicle safety continues to be a challenge and we need the involvement of all affected parties to help us better understand these issues and put into place practical solutions.

CVSA’s Policy and Regulatory Affairs Committee serves as a forum for discussing the issues facing the commercial motor vehicle community and developing the policy positions and legislative priorities that will best advance the Alliance’s goal of reducing commercial motor vehicle crashes and fatalities. All recommendations from the committee are reviewed by the CVSA Board of Directors.

CVSA maintains the CVSA Standing Policy Guide which serves as the official position of the Alliance on issues related to commercial motor vehicle safety and enforcement. The positions included in the CVSA Standing Policy Guide drive the Alliance’s advocacy efforts with federal agencies, including the drafting of comments on regulatory actions, petitions for rulemaking and official letters from the Alliance.

In addition to the CVSA Standing Policy Guide, CVSA maintains a list of legislative priorities. These priorities outline specific legislative changes the Alliance seeks to have passed by Congress to improve commercial motor vehicle safety. These recommendations are the result of an extensive member-driven process to identify areas for improvement on issues related to commercial motor vehicle safety.

If there is an issue you believe should be added to the CVSA Standing Policy Guide or CVSA’s legislative priorities, please submit an Issue/Request for Action. Please provide background on the matter, as well as what position you believe the Alliance should take. The request will be referred to the appropriate CVSA committee for consideration.