Policy Positions

As a leader in commercial motor vehicle safety and enforcement, CVSA has developed a document outlining a series of policy positions on issues related to commercial motor vehicle safety and enforcement. These policies have been approved by the CVSA Board of Directors and serve as the official positions of CVSA.

The CVSA membership is constantly reviewing and updating the Alliance’s positions on various issues as appropriate. As such, the policy document should be treated as a living document. All policies are noted with the approval date, for reference.

It should be noted that while not all policies are supported by every CVSA member jurisdiction; they do, by nature of the policy process, represent a consensus opinion of the Alliance’s membership.

If there is an issue you believe should be added to this document, please submit an Issue/Request for Action. Please provide background on the matter, as well as what position you believe the Alliance should take. The request will be referred to the appropriate CVSA committee for consideration.