Level VIII Electronic Inspection Forum

The Level VIII Electronic Inspection Forum was hosted by CVSA on March 28-29, 2023, in Omaha, Nebraska. The forum brought together industry, enforcement, technology developers and federal regulators to focus on how an electronic inspection might be implemented.

The event was a mix of panel discussions, roundtable sessions and presentations to solicit feedback from all stakeholders and provide the opportunity for each stakeholder to have input. The structure was established to create a natural flow to the event, from reviewing what we currently had, to evaluating possible changes, to a visionary future. The sessions were structured to keep attendees engaged, but also allowed them time to digest known data and receive information about more technical aspects of the inspection.

The Level VIII Electronic Inspection Forum Summary Report was completed following the event. The report captures the information presented and discussed in each of the different sessions. At the end of each session summary are potential “next steps” that help provide a structure to continue development within the Level VIII ad hoc committee.