Vehicle Re-Inspections

In general, vehicles displaying a valid CVSA decal are not re-inspected. However, nothing prevents re-inspection of a vehicle or combination of vehicles bearing valid CVSA decals. If an obvious defect is noticed on a vehicle with a current CVSA decal, the vehicle will be re-inspected.

Should re-inspection of a vehicle displaying a valid CVSA decal disclose vehicle maintenance inconsistent with the minimum inspection criteria, the CVSA decal will be removed. However, in those instances where a complete re-inspection is performed and defects are corrected at the scene, a new CVSA decal will be applied.

Generally, re-inspection of a vehicle bearing a current and valid CVSA decal is contemplated by the inspector under the following circumstances:

  • A critical safety item or North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria violation is detected.
  • A Level IV Inspection (special inspection) exercise is involved.
  • A statistically based random inspection technique is being employed to validate an individual jurisdiction or regional out-of-service percentage.
  • Re-inspections are being conducted to maintain CVSA inspection quality assurance.