Teens and Trucks Resources

The Operation Safe Driver Program created materials designed to teach teen and novice drivers how to safely share the roads with large trucks and buses. We encourage the use of these provided materials. They can be used as part driver’s education programs or as stand-alone education, all available at no cost. This information can be used by driver’s education instructors, parent-teacher organizations, community groups, parents, teens or new drivers, or any other interested individuals or organizations.

Printable Materials

Voices of Safety Videos

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Our Roads, Our Safety Partnership, of which CVSA is a member, produced short informative videos from the perspectives of various road users. Check out these “Voices of Safety.”

Kristyn: Student Driver

Greg, Driver Education Instructor

Tom, Driver Education Instructor and Retired Truck Driver

Audio PSAs

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The Teens and Trucks training program was created by CVSA in collaboration with the Arizona Trucking Association, Arizona Department of Public Safety and American Trucking Associations. Together these partners developed a successful program to help educate teens about safe driving practices around large trucks and buses.