CVSA Releases 2022 Operation Safe Driver Week Results

Officers in Canada and the U.S. pulled over more than 35,000 commercial motor vehicles and passenger vehicles and issued 26,164 warnings and citations to commercial motor vehicle drivers and passenger vehicle drivers engaging in unsafe driving behaviors, ranging from speeding to distracted driving.

CVSA Releases 2022 Brake Safety Week Results

Of the total number of the commercial motor vehicles inspected, 13.3% were placed out of service for brake-related critical vehicle inspection item violations. That also means that nearly 87% of the commercial motor vehicles inspected throughout North America during Brake Safety Week did not have brake-related critical vehicle inspection item violations.

CVSA Announces New Enhanced CMV Inspection Program for Autonomous Truck Motor Carriers

The CVSA Board of Directors approved the launch of the Alliance’s brand-new Enhanced Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection Program, an inspection standard and procedure designed to govern inspections of commercial motor vehicles equipped with automated driving systems – also referred to as autonomous or driverless vehicles.

CVSA Transitions to New Leadership for 2022-2023

Maj. Chris Nordloh, with the Texas Department of Public Safety, is the new president of the Alliance. Col. Russ Christoferson, with the Montana Department of Transportation, is CVSA’s vice president. And Capt. John Broers, with the South Dakota Highway Patrol, moves into his three-year term as past president. CVSA Class I Members and Class II Local Members elected Capt. John Hahn, with the Colorado State Patrol, into the position of CVSA secretary.

CVSA Releases 2022 International Roadcheck Results

Over the three days of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Roadcheck commercial motor vehicle inspection and enforcement initiative, CVSA-certified inspectors conducted 59,026 inspections and placed 12,456 commercial motor vehicles and 3,714 commercial motor vehicle drivers out of service.

It’s Brake Safety Week

From Aug. 21-27, commercial motor vehicle inspectors in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. will be conducting their usual North American Standard Level I and IV Inspections; however, in addition, they will be documenting brake-related out-of-service violations and brake hose/tube chafing violations and will submit that data to CVSA. The results will be released later this year.

Ruth McDonough with Hittman Transport Services is CVSA’s 2022 International Driver Excellence Award Winner

CVSA is pleased to announce that this year’s International Driver Excellence Award (IDEA) recipient is professional driver Ruth McDonough. She is a specialized commercial motor vehicle driver responsible for hauling radioactive and nuclear loads with Hittman Transport Services. During her 10-year tenure at Hittman, McDonough has traveled more than a million safe and incident-free miles. Furthermore, she has been driving large vehicles – in the military and as a commercial motor vehicle driver – for more than 40 years and approximately 4 million miles, all incident free.

It’s Operation Safe Driver Week

Operation Safe Driver Week is CVSA’s seven-day safe-driving campaign aimed at improving the driving behaviors of passenger vehicle drivers and commercial motor vehicle drivers through educational and traffic enforcement strategies and interactions with law enforcement.

Inspectors Place More Than 1,200 Commercial Motor Vehicles with Brake Violations Out of Service During CVSA’s Unannounced Brake Safety Day

On April 27, 46 jurisdictions in Canada and the U.S. removed 1,290 commercial motor vehicles with brake-related critical vehicle inspection item violations from Canadian and American roadways. That’s 14.1% of the 9,132 commercial motor vehicles inspected that day. This unannounced one-day inspection and enforcement initiative, conducted by members of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA),… Read more »

Brake Safety Week Is Aug. 21-27

CVSA has announced Aug. 21-27 as the dates for this year’s Brake Safety Week. Brake Safety Week is an annual commercial motor vehicle brake-safety inspection, enforcement and education initiative conducted by law enforcement jurisdictions in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.

CVSA Launches Revitalized Emergency Declarations Site

CVSA, working with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, has updated, improved and re-released its emergency declarations website.

CVSA Releases Results from 2022 Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative

All three of the Alliance’s member countries – Canada, Mexico and the U.S. – participated in this awareness and outreach effort to educate commercial motor vehicle drivers, motor carriers, law enforcement officers and the general public about human trafficking.

International Roadcheck Starts Today

International Roadcheck started in 1988 and is a high-volume, high-visibility commercial motor vehicle inspection and enforcement initiative spotlighting the hard work and commitment to safety of certified inspectors, commercial motor vehicle drivers and motor carriers.