CVSA Adopts Commercial Vehicle Brake Manufacturers Council

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is now home to the , a council of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) company representatives.

The members of the council represent North American OEM companies engaged in the manufacture and sales of commercial motor vehicle brake systems and components.

The CVBMC was formerly known as the Heavy Duty Brake Manufacturers Council, previously a council under the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association and the Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association.

“As a safety-focused organization that includes a membership of industry experts, suppliers and vendors, CVSA already has a well-established internal infrastructure in place to ensure the CVBMC will be a natural fit within the Alliance,” said CVSA President Capt. John Broers with the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

The primary objectives of the CVBMC are to:

  • Work with federal, state and local government authorities, bodies and agencies with legislative or regulatory functions whose actions may affect commercial motor vehicle brake parts or systems.
  • Coordinate with other associations, councils, organizations, agencies and entities in the public and private sectors on matters of interest to the council.
  • Obtain and disseminate statistical data of common interest.
  • Conduct activities for the common benefit of the commercial motor vehicle industry and overall transportation safety.
  • Work with the Alliance’s membership toward the goal of preventing commercial motor vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities.

In addition, the CVBMC will work closely with the , a committee that focuses on issues associated with the vehicle in an effort to ensure an environment free of commercial motor vehicle incidents on public highways, and the , which leverages the latest methodologies and technologies to achieve excellence in the performance, quality training and uniformity of commercial motor vehicle inspections.

CVSA is a nonprofit organization comprised of local, state, provincial, territorial and federal commercial motor vehicle safety officials and industry representatives. The Alliance aims to prevent commercial motor vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities and believes that collaboration between government and industry improves road safety and saves lives. Its mission is to improve commercial motor vehicle safety and enforcement by providing guidance, education and advocacy for enforcement and industry across North America.