CVSA Transitions to New Leadership for 2022-2023

As of Oct. 1, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has transitioned to new leadership for 2022-2023. Maj. Chris Nordloh, with the Texas Department of Public Safety, is the new president of the Alliance. Col. Russ Christoferson, with the Montana Department of Transportation, is CVSA’s vice president. And Capt. John Broers, with the South Dakota Highway Patrol, moves into his three-year term as past president.

On Sept. 21, CVSA Class I Members and Class II Local Members elected Capt. John Hahn, with the Colorado State Patrol, into the position of CVSA secretary. Capt. Hahn will serve one year as secretary of the Alliance, while concurrently serving as chair of the CVSA Election Committee. Then, he’ll serve a year as vice president and chair of the CVSA Finance Committee. The year after that, he will become CVSA’s president. After one year as president, Capt. Hahn will then serve three years as past president – making the entire obligation a six-year commitment.

In addition to the executive leadership transition:

  • The new president of Region II is Lt. Ronald Jenkins with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. The new vice president is F/Sgt. Travis Ingold with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.
  • Cory Ayon, from the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, is Region IV president and Tpr. Chase Livingston, of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, is the vice president.
  • Ofc. Lincoln Sweeney, with the Cedar Hill Police Department in Texas, is the president for Class II Local Members. Ofc. Christopher Vinson, from the Midlothian Police Department, also in Texas, is vice president.
  • Derek Barrs, from HNTB, is the president of Class III Associate Members and Brett Graves, from Maverick Transportation LLC, is vice president.
  • Capt. Bart Teeter, of the Texas Department of Public Safety, will chair the Enforcement and Industry Modernization Committee. North Dakota Highway Patrol’s Tpr. Joshua Anderson will chair the Hazardous Materials Committee. Capt. Jon Olsen, of the Minnesota State Patrol, will chair the Policy and Regulatory Affairs Committee.
  • The chair of Human Trafficking Prevention Program is Lt. Christopher Keller with the Michigan State Police. Jonathan Nicastro, from the New York State Department of Transportation, is the new chair of the Operation Safe Driver Program.

CVSA would like to thank the following members of leadership who devoted their time to serving the membership and whose terms expired this year, who retired or who stepped down from their leadership positions:

Ofc. Thomas Mrozinski Jr., from the Frisco Police Department in Texas, was president of the Class II Local Membership. Andrea Sequin, from Schneider, was president of Class III Associate Members. Colorado State Patrol’s Capt. Leonard Dittman chaired the Enforcement and Industry Modernization Committee. Nebraska State Patrol’s Sgt. Brad Wagner was Hazardous Materials Committee chair. Lt. Col. Michael Krumm, with the Michigan State Police, served as chair of the Human Trafficking Prevention Program. Brad Marten, from Montana Department of Transportation, was Region IV president. And, Connecticut’s Donald Bridge Jr. (retired) served as past president.