Private: 2021 CVSA Annual Conference and Exhibition

August 29-September 2, 2021

Wilmington, Delaware

About CVSA Events

During CVSA’s events, members work together to address challenges. By exhibiting and actively participating at our event, you will learn about the changing rules and regulations that affect industry and how to take proactive steps to ensure your company is keeping pace with these emerging requirements, trends and technology.

What You Get

  • Information on creating a process to help build and maintain consistency and uniformity between states, provinces and local jurisdictions. This consistency helps carriers operate in a safe environment and maintains a level playing field.
  • Advice on how you can help your customers comply with state, provincial and federal regulations, as well as help you understand regulations and how they affect your company.
  • Up-to-date information on legislative and regulatory activities.
  • The opportunity to network with other CVSA associate members regarding best practices
  • The opportunity to learn from your industry peers to ensure your company’s products and services are assisting fleets to travel the roadways in a safe and cost-effective manner.
  • The ability to ensure you are taking proactive steps for your company to keep pace with emerging requirements, trends and technology.
  • The opportunity to interact with policy-makers and regulators to continue to fine-tune and deliver effective safety programs, regulations, products, services and policies.

Our Commitment

  • Since 1980, our members have helped contribute to and shape tremendous changes in legislation, regulations, policy, research, enforcement, operations, education and social trends throughout North America.
  • Our sponsors say it best. The reason they are sponsors is that it gives them the opportunity to participate and have a voice in programs that strive to familiarize the general public, government and enforcement agencies and elected officials about truck and bus safety issues.


  • The opportunity to promote your product or service via an event offered by an established and respected organization.
  • CVSA human resources dedicated to providing the best promotional platform.
  • CVSA’s outreach that will provide your company with invaluable promotion before, during and after the CVSA events.
  • Your company name associated with CVSA.
  • Promotion of your company on our online event page and in the printed program book given to all CVSA Annual Conference and Exhibition registrants.

Committee and Program Meetings

  • Much of the progress CVSA makes in addressing issues affecting the commercial motor vehicle industry takes place during committee and program meetings. By actively participating in committees and programs, CVSA members play a critical role in decisions that have an impact on legislation, regulations, policies and enforcement actions.
  • Visit the committees section of our website to learn more about each of CVSA’s committee and to join a committee, if you’re interested. For detailed information regarding our programs, visit the programs sections of our website. And we encourage you to sit in on any committee or program meetings that interest you and your organization and start actively participating.


  • CVSA brings together law enforcement, government and industry, creating a unique forum where problem solvers can share ideas, best practices, lessons learned, and work through the issues that challenge the commercial motor vehicle safety and security industry.