Social Media Graphic

We’ve created a social-media-ready graphic that you may download and use to promote the 2024 Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative. Images are available in English, French and Spanish.

Download the English 2024 HTAI social media image.

Download the French 2024 HTAI social media image.

Download the Spanish 2024 HTAI social media image.

Shareable PSAs

CVSA created public service announcement (PSA) videos for its members to use and share. These videos are all public and unrestricted and available for download. We encourage you to utilize these videos to help educate the public about human trafficking.

  • Our 30-second video features a human trafficking survivor, a truck driver and a commercial vehicle enforcement officer encouraging the public to be aware of possible human trafficking and to make a call if they suspect human trafficking. The video directs viewers to the CVSA website.
  • Another version is available that directs individuals to the Truckers Against Trafficking website.
  • View our extended, five-minute version of the PSA.

Informational Videos

  • In a 13-minute video for truck and motorcoach drivers, hear from fellow drivers, representatives from anti-trafficking organizations, a special agent from the FBI and victims of human trafficking.
  • This 8-minute Spanish-language video is for the motor carrier industry and community in Mexico.

Beyond Iowa MVE Model: Best Practices Document

Truckers Against Trafficking, at the request of CVSA’s membership, created a best practices document to assist agencies and jurisdictions in expanding activities beyond the six core and six additional elements of the Iowa MVE model.

Know the Hand Gesture

Did you know there’s a discreet hand gesture someone can give to a friend, family member, member of law enforcement, colleague or stranger to let them know they need help – whether the person is in a domestic violence situation, a victim of human trafficking or in another dangerous situation. But it only works if you know the hand gesture. Make sure you know it and show it to everyone you know. See the image pictured right.

Watch a Youtube video that demonstrates the hand signal and how it may be used.