Order Outreach Materials

CVSA’s Human Trafficking Prevention program has partnered with the organization Truckers Against Trafficking to provide complimentary wallet cards and window decals in support of the Alliance’s annual Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative.

Put this decal in your vehicle’s window so you can quickly reference the toll-free phone number to call should you observe possible human trafficking.
With this card in your wallet, you’ll have quick access to information, such as human trafficking warning signs and what to do in that situation – whether you are a commercial motor vehicle driver, a member of the public or a law enforcement officer.


Payment for Materials

If you’d like to order a quantity of wallet cards or decals not listed on this online form, contact Truckers Against Trafficking to place that order.

If you are interested in other materials (DVDs, posters, brochures for trucking companies, or materials in other languages), contact Truckers Against Trafficking.


Although you are not obligated to pay for wallet cards or window decals, Truckers Against Trafficking would greatly appreciate monetary donations to cover the costs of producing and shipping those materials. Every donation helps; however, here is a breakdown of costs to produce these materials, as a point of reference.

Wallet cards – 250 = $5 | 500 = $10 | 750$ = 15 | 1,000 = $20 | 5,000 = $100

Window decals – 250 = $30 | 500 = $60 | 750$ = 90 | 1,000 = $120

If you are able to donate, visit Truckers Against Trafficking’s Network for Good donation page where you may submit reimbursement to the organization.