CVSA’s Brake Safety Week Is Underway

Commercial motor vehicle inspectors in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. will conduct inspections of commercial motor vehicles and provide brake-related inspection and violation data to CVSA. The Alliance will gather and analyze that data and release the results later this year.

CVSA Releases 2023 International Roadcheck Results

Eighty-one percent of the commercial motor vehicles and 94.5% of the commercial motor vehicle drivers inspected did not have any out-of-service violations and continued en route to safely complete their runs.

CVSA Awards $5,000 College Scholarships to Two Deserving Students

Katarina Dries and Eva Hannan will each receive $5,000 to be used toward their college education. Dries intends to major in nuclear engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Hannan will attend the University of South Dakota with the goal of becoming a kindergarten teacher.

CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver Week is Underway

Officers, troopers and inspectors throughout North America will take to roadways with keen attention to passenger vehicle drivers and commercial motor vehicle drivers who are driving unsafely.

CVSA’s Brake Safety Week Scheduled for Aug. 20-26

Throughout Brake Safety Week, CVSA-certified inspectors will conduct their usual inspections; however, in addition, they will be reporting brake-related inspection and violation data to the Alliance. CVSA will compile that data and publish a press release this fall with the results.

Operation Safe Driver Week Is July 9-15

This weeklong driver safety traffic enforcement and awareness campaign aims to identify unsafe drivers, deter dangerous driving behaviors and prompt positive driving habits through officer interactions with drivers.

CVSA’s 2023 Out-of-Service Criteria Now in Effect

The federal regulations, together with CVSA’s out-of-service criteria, provide the standards that drivers, motor carriers and law enforcement personnel use to ensure the commercial motor vehicles and drivers operating on North America’s roadways are safe and compliant.

Today is the Start of CVSA’s Human Trafficking Awareness Initiative in Mexico

Mexico’s Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation has prioritized participating in this annual educational and outreach effort. Its goals are to raise awareness, provide training and disseminate information about human trafficking identification and prevention to commercial motor vehicle drivers, administrative staff, public servants and the general public.

New 2023 CVSA Out-of-Service Criteria Now Available in the App

The app contains the out-of-service criteria; inspection bulletins; real-life photo examples of vehicle, cargo securement and hazardous materials/dangerous goods violations; inspection procedures; operational policies; access to the CVSA Learning portal; and more.

International Roadcheck Is May 16-18 with Emphasis on ABS and Cargo Securement

International Roadcheck is a high-visibility, high-volume 72-hour inspection and enforcement event where CVSA-certified inspectors in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. will conduct inspections of commercial motor vehicles and drivers at weigh/inspection stations, designated inspection areas and along roadways.