Question: My nominee has a superb track record except for a minor driver violation within the last three years. Can CVSA make an exception to the criteria and consider my driver for the IDEA?
Answer: No. To be considered for the IDEA, a driver must meet all the criteria, including “No driver violations in the past three years, excluding form and manner violations.” No exceptions, no matter how minor the violation may be.

Question: My nominee was involved in a non-preventable/not-at-fault crash. Would this crash automatically disqualify my nominee?
Answer: No. However, you must submit evidence that the crash was indeed non-preventable/not-at-fault when submitting the required documentation.

Question: I previously submitted a terrific nominee who was not selected as the winner of the IDEA. Can I resubmit the same nominee this year?
Answer: Yes. However, please provide more information about your nominee to increase the chances of being selected as the winner.

Question: My nominee was previously disqualified because of minor driver violation(s). Can I resubmit this nominee once the violation(s) lapse the three-year window?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What is the precise date to start counting the three-year threshold for driver violations?
Answer: As of the IDEA nomination submission deadline date.

Question: My nominee no longer works for my company. Can I still submit the nomination?
Answer: Yes. Anyone may submit a nomination, including drivers themselves, regardless of affiliation.

Question: May I submit additional information about my nominee such as letters, pictures, certificates or any other supporting documentation to the nominee’s excellence? If so, how do I submit it?
Answer: Yes. You may submit any additional documentation when uploading the required documentation.