Level VI Program Committee Members

Master Sgt. Todd Armstrong
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit
Illinois State Police
Phone: 217-782-6629
Email: todd_armstrong@isp.state.il.us

Vice Chair
Rion Stann
Motor Carrier Enforcement Supervisor
Pennsylvania State Police
Phone: 570-614-1324
Email: rstann@state.pa.us

Capt. John Hahn
Colorado State Patrol
Phone: 303-273-1910
Email: john.hahn@state.co.us

CVSA Staff
Carlisle Smith
Director of Level VI Inspection Program
Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
Phone: 301-830-6147
Email: carlisles@cvsa.org

Voting Members
Technical Sgt. Thomas Fuller
New York State Police
Phone: 518-485-2720
Email: tfuller@troopers.state.ny.us

Lt. Steve Albanese
Unit Head, Hazardous Materials Enforcement Unit
New Jersey State Police
Transportation Enforcement Division
Email: Lpp5024@gw.njsp.org

Lt. Tim Horn
Commercial Vehicle Safety
Idaho State Police
Phone: 208-884-7220
Email: Tim.Horn@isp.idaho.gov

Sgt. Bradley Wagner
Hazardous Materials Coordinator
Nebraska State Patrol
Phone: 402-471-0105
Email: brad.wagner@nebraska.gov

Sgt. Artez Lester
Hazmat Team Statewide Coordinator
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
Florida Highway Patrol
Phone: 850-527-1435
Email: artezlester@flhsmv.gov

Kevin W. Zeller
Program Manager
Washington State Patrol
Phone: 360-596-3810
Email: Kevin.Zeller@wsp.wa.gov

Sgt. Josh Clements
Department Radiological Safety Officer
Commercial Vehicle Section
California Highway Patrol
Phone: 901-843-3400
Email: joclements@chp.ca.gov

Roseanne Madrid
WIPP Coordinator
Special Operations Bureau
Department of Public Safety
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Phone: 505.476.0612
Email: Dolores.baca2@state.nm.us

First Sgt. Dean Dill
State Transport Police
South Carolina Department of Public Safety
Phone: 803-896-
Email: dmdill@scdps.gov

Non-Voting Members
Randy Roesler
Transportation Manager
Cassidy’s Transfer and Storage Ltd.
Pembroke, Ontario
Phone: 613 735 6881

Gaylon Fuller
Project/Terminal Manager
CAST Specialty Transportation
Carlsbad, New Mexico
Phone: 505-628-0468
Email: gfuller@casttrans.com

Andy Walker
Transportation Logistics Manager
U.S. Department of Transportation
Carlsbad, New Mexico
Phone: 505-234-7407
Email: andy.walker@cbfo.doe.gov

Randahl Mills
Terminal Manager
Visionary Solutions LLC
Carlsbad, New Mexico
Phone: 575-628-0082
Email: rmills@vs-llc.com

David Ford
Hazardous Materials Program Manager
Southern Service Center
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation
Raleigh, North Carolina
Phone: 919-886-1297
Email: David.ford@dot.gov

James Simmons
Hazardous Materials Program Manager
Western Service Center
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation
Lakewood, Colorado
Phone: 303-407-2368
Email: james.simmons@dot.gov

Paul Gray
Vice President
Global Logistics GIPA/Nordion, Inc.
Kanata, Ontario
Phone: 613-592-3400
Email: paul.gray@nordion.com