Regulatory Update – November 13, 2023

FMCSA Updates CVSA Level VI OOSC Incorporation by Reference
On Nov. 8, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)  a final rule to amend the hazardous materials safety permit regulations to update the incorporation by reference of CVSA’s “North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria and Level VI Inspection Procedures and Out-of-Service Criteria for Commercial Highway Vehicles Transporting Transuranics and Highway Route Controlled Quantities of Radioactive Materials as defined in 49 CFR part 173.403.” The amendment updates the regulations to reference the April 1, 2023, version of the Level VI Out-of-Service Criteria (OOSC). The final rule is effective Dec. 8.

PHMSA Announces OHMS Webinar
On Nov. 7, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)  that the Office of Hazardous Materials Safety (OHMS) will hold a public research, development and technology virtual forum. The webinar will provide updates on current and future projects and research topics. Topics will include the research gaps associated with energetic materials characterization and transportation, safe transportation of energy products, safe containment and transportation of compressed gases, safe packaging and transportation of charge storage, and the transportation of hazardous materials. The webinar will be held on Nov. 28. Advance  is required.

FMCSA Announces WOTAB Meeting
On Nov. 1, FMCSA  a meeting of the Women of Trucking Advisory Board (WOTAB). The online meeting will take place on Nov. 13 and will be open to the public. Advance  is required.

Update on Exemptions

CVSA Active Exemption Tracker
CVSA maintains a  issued by FMCSA. The exemption tracker can be found at under the “Inspections” tab at the top of the page.