Commercial Vehicle Brake Manufacturers Council

The Commercial Vehicle Brake Manufacturers Council (CVBMC) is a council of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) company representatives.

The primary objectives of the CVBMC are to:

  • For the mutual benefit of the membership, provide communications as appropriate with federal, state and local government authorities, bodies and agencies having legislative or regulatory functions whose actions may affect commercial motor vehicle brake parts or systems.
  • Coordinate with other associations, councils, organizations, agencies and other entities in the public and private sectors on matters of interest to the council.
  • Obtain and disseminate statistical data of common interest.
  • Conduct activities as appropriate for the common benefit of its members and the commercial motor vehicle industry.

The members of the council represent North American OEM companies engaged in the manufacture and sales of commercial motor vehicle brake systems and components, which include, but are not limited to: Class 4 and above hydraulic vehicles, Class 6 and above pneumatic vehicles, and Class 4 to 6 and above electric and electro-magnetic vehicles.