Legislative Update – Oct. 5, 2018

Legislative Update

On Sept. 28, 2018, a continuing resolution for transportation funding was signed in to law. The continuing resolution extends funding at fiscal 2018 levels through Dec. 7. This also extends the ELD exemption for livestock and insect haulers, included in the 2018 appropriations bill, through Dec. 7. A version of the transportation appropriations bill for fiscal 2019 is still being considered by the Congressional Conference Committee, where lawmakers from both the House and Senate are working to reconcile the differences in their versions of the legislation. Either another continuing resolution or the fiscal 2019 transportation funding will have to be passed and signed into law by the president on or before the Dec. 7 funding expiration.

CVSA staff have been actively meeting with legislative offices to increase awareness of the need for the enforcement community’s perspective in the legislative process. Within the CMV space, automated driving systems, CDL age requirements, HOS and ELDs are common topics of interest on Capitol Hill.