CVSA Offers Final Industry Course of the Year

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is offering its final industry roadside inspection training course of the year. But don’t worry, more industry training courses will be scheduled for 2019.

CVSA will hold its last 2018 Industry Roadside Inspection Course on Driver Requirements in Conley, Georgia, (13 miles from the Atlanta airport) on Oct. 22-26. Offered exclusively to the motor carrier industry, the training will focus on regulatory driver-related roadside requirements and out-of-service conditions. The course includes information on regulatory definitions, intrastate vs. interstate operations, commercial driver’s license (CDL) and driver qualification requirements, hazardous materials, hours-of-service rules, annual inspections on commercial motor vehicles and the DataQs filing process.

This year was the first time in CVSA’s history that an industry version of the law enforcement roadside inspection training course was made available to members of the motor carrier industry.

“The course provides industry with the necessary training to better understand the roadside regulatory requirements,” said CVSA Director of Roadside Inspection Program Kerri Wirachowsky. “The training provides each student with the tools and knowledge to achieve compliance with the roadside safety regulations and a better understanding of the relationship between regulatory violations and out-of-service conditions.”

CVSA offered two courses earlier this summer. A course on roadside inspection driver requirements was offered in June 2018 and a vehicle requirements course took place in July 2018. Due to the success of the first two courses, which both sold out, CVSA is offering the driver requirements training course again this October. And more driver and vehicle training courses for industry will be scheduled for 2019.

“The industry course was fantastic,” said Soona Lee, director of regulatory compliance from EROAD, a June 2018 driver requirements course attendee. “It was rich in content and the instructors were knowledgeable and were able to share their experiences. I will be able to take away a newfound empathy for the enforcement officials and how to support carriers to operate with an understanding that the purpose of regulations and that everyone is aiming to accomplish the same goal – public safety on the roads.”

“Excellent course,” said June 2018 driver requirements course attendee Tom Bray, industry consultant and senior editor at J. J. Keller & Associates. “As a person that works with the safety regulations daily, I was unsure what the course had to offer me. However, learning how officers conduct inspections and the procedures they follow, what specifically the officers are looking for in terms of compliance, and how they investigate the driver and carrier during the inspection was invaluable.”

The target audience for the course is motor carriers, owner-operators, commercial motor vehicle drivers, technicians, fleet managers, vendors, etc. Interested individuals do not need to be members of CVSA to take this course. The cost is $995 for CVSA Class III Associate Members or $1,195 for non-members. There’s a class size limit of 35, so register soon before all of the slots fill up.

Register for Industry Roadside Inspection Course – Driver Requirements.

The deadline to register for the course is Monday, Sept. 24.

If you are unable to attend this training course but are interested in this and/or other industry training courses we have planned for the future, fill out our online training interest form. You will be notified via email once the course in which you expressed interest is scheduled and registration is open.

For more information, contact CVSA Director of Roadside Inspection Program Kerri Wirachowsky at 301-830-6153 or