Online Submission Form for Leads to List Local Agencies

CVSA Lead Agency Contact,

In April 2022, the CVSA Board of Directors voted to drop Class II Local Members’ dues and instead align local members with their respective lead agency. To enable local member agency access to necessary information and resources, CVSA asks that lead agencies provide a list of approved local member agencies in their jurisdictions.

Below is an online form for lead agency contacts to fill out listing local member agencies within your jurisdiction. To add lines to list multiple local agencies, click on the arrow to the right.

Lead Agency Contact's Name(Required)
List Your Jurisdiction's Approved Local Agencies(Required)
Local Agency
Name of Point of Contact
POC's Phone Number
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Agency Size (# of Employees)

If you have questions about enrollment or the new local member changes, contact local members liaison and CVSA Director of Enforcement Programs Jake Elovirta via email or at 301-830-6146.