Highway Bill Update; House and Senate Summaries & Comparison

On Friday, House leadership unveiled another short-term extension for highway programs. This extension would last 22 days and is meant to give Congress a little more time to reconcile the House and Senate bills and agree to a long-term funding solution. Current authority expires on October 29. The new extension, if passed, would expire November 22.

The bill also includes language on interim hiring standards, minimum insurance requirements, and other related issues. The bill contains a section calling for a study of a new concept, allowing drivers and motor carriers to self-report vehicle violations en route.

The Committee received more than 150 amendments from Members. During the markup, a number of the amendments were accepted, including many exemptions. CVSA is working on a full summary of the bill, which will include the amendments accepted during the mark up, and will send it out when the summary is complete.
Next, the bill moves to the House floor, however timing for that step is unclear, as the House continues to grapple with leadership changes and no decision on where the funding will come from. Authority runs out on October 29, meaning another extension, at least into mid-November, is likely.

You can view a recording of the mark up here, as well as find links to the bill as originally drafted, and a list of amendments that were accepted.

Click here for a section-by-section summary of the House bill.
Click here for a section-by-section summary of the Senate bill.
Click here for a section-by-section comparison of the CVSA-related items in the bills.