CVSA Legislative Update

CVSA Legislative Update


Following up on our July 21 update in which we reported on the UCR-SSRS issue, we now have information on the state grant program funding levels in the 2007 fiscal year DOT Appropriations bill recently reported out of the full Senate Appropriations Committee. It is expected to come up for a vote on the Senate floor sometime in September.

The funding levels for motor carrier safety grants are virtually the same as in the House bill and are exactly in line with SAFETEA-LU authorization levels. They are:


$ 197 M MCSAP
$ 25 M CDL
$ 32 M Border Grants
$ 25 M CVISN
$ 3 M Safety Data Improvement
$ 7 M CDLIS Modernization


In addition, the bill allocates $3.5 M of revenue aligned budget authority (RABA) from the Federal-aid highway program to the motor carrier safety grant account.

A copy of the Senate Appropriations Report is attached.

There are issues in the Senate Report such as state enforcement of farm operations and U.S. Mexico cross-border trucking that are not discussed in the House Report (see Legislative Update for June 29, 2006). We will be working on these issues and report back to you in the near future.