Benefits and Services

As a leader at your organization, you require the right tools and resources to help you get your job done and done right. At CVSA, we work to ensure you have the tools, information, knowledge, training and support you need to excel.

Training and Professional Development

  • Participate in CVSA’s North American Standard (NAS) training/certification programs, webinars and courses held throughout the year.
  • Share your ideas on improving existing training, identify priority training needs, and provide input on the development of new training tools and courses.
  • Access CVSA Operational Policies, the CVSA Operations Manual, Inspection Procedures, and Inspection and Training Bulletins.
  • Network with your peers to learn and share best practices for improving your jurisdiction’s safety and enforcement program.

Knowledge Enhancement

  • Learn about major issues/concerns/problems as they are taking shape, and have the ability to influence their outcome.
  • Access and submit Requests for Action to be pooled and addressed at our conferences and events, which are open to all members.
  • Receive the knowledge and education needed to influence federal and international policy, regulations, programs and research, and the way they’re implemented at the federal/state/provincial/local level.
  • Engage with other jurisdictions, federal agencies and industry on best practices and successful programs/initiatives you can replicate in your jurisdiction.

Active Participation

Get Informed

  • We keep you informed on the most current legislative, regulatory and policy information from federal, state, provincial and local regulatory and enforcement agencies.
  • We offer webinars on important issues, and cutting-edge advancements and technologies. Our webinars are created based on the ideas and input provided by our members about what they want to know most.
  • Receive our biweekly e-newsletter about what’s going on in the industry, as well as our quarterly print magazine, “Guardian,” which not only provides news and information specifically for the commercial vehicle safety inspector, but it also provides an opportunity for you to submit articles and read about what others are doing.

Organizational Leadership

  • By becoming an active CVSA member, you have established yourself as a leader with your peers, one who can be looked to for guidance and expertise.
  • With several “Train the Trainer” opportunities throughout the year, you can learn how to train individuals in your department so they are able to be more productive and effective within your agency.
  • Download the CVSA Leadership Handbook, a reference guide for CVSA members who are serving or are interested in serving in leadership positions within the Alliance.
  • CVSA offers numerous opportunities for motivated individuals to step into leadership roles. We encourage you to consider leadership positions within our organization. You can do your part to help lead and shape this successful organization, while proudly representing your jurisdiction.

Networking Opportunities

  • There is no other organization like CVSA that consists of CMV law enforcement and industry. CVSA provides a unique environment where you can gain real-world knowledge from other jurisdictions and companies on legislative, regulatory, educational, research and operational activities – to help advance your department’s mission.
  • Engage with other jurisdictions, as well as with federal agencies and industry, on successful programs/initiatives that can be used to further enhance uniformity and reciprocity.

Exclusive Member Benefits

  • You’ll have your own individualized online CVSA member account where you can register for events, join a committee, change your contact information, have access to important members-only documents and much more.
  • Products in our online store, and registration fees and hotel rates for our events are discounted for CVSA members, including the “North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria Handbook and Pictorial.”
  • We represent you in front of Congress and work with federal agencies and other key organizations on your behalf. We are actively involved with the issues and groups impacting commercial vehicle safety.
  • As a CVSA member, you have access to more than 100 years of CMV experience through the CVSA headquarters staff.