Surface Transportation Legislation

Surface Transportation Legislation

Currently, both chambers are set to consider surface transportation legislation next week. Both chambers have committed to having an open amendment process, so debate on the bills is likely to stretch out for some time.

Attached, please find a section by section analysis of HR 7 – the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act of 2012, as well as a details account of the changes to MCSAP funding.

In addition, here is the official House summary of the bill.

CVSA staff is currently working with both House and Senate staff to address as many concerns as possible before legislation reaches the floor.

While the forward progress of both chambers is encouraging, doubts remain over Congress’s ability to reconcile the legislation, given the differences in length (2 years in the Senate, 5 years in the House), funding, and policy.

We’ll send more information as this continues to develop.

On Monday, FMCSA will post a Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking announcing the agency’s intent to move forward with the Electronic On-Board Recorders and Hours of Service Supporting Documents rulemaking. Moving forward, FMCSA intends to ‘hold
listening sessions on the issue of driver harassment; task the MCSAC Committee to assist in developing material to support this rulemaking, including technical specifications for EOBRs and their potential to be used to harass drivers; and conduct
research by surveying drivers, carriers, and vendors regarding harassment issues.’

The advance notice can be found here: