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Congress Passes Appropriations Continuing Resolution through November 18

Congress Passes Appropriations Continuing Resolution through November 18


Although the Reauthorization bill is now in place, failure of the Congress to complete work on the 2006 DOT Appropriations bill will delay the spending increases and new programs provided for in the Reauthorization bill.

On Friday, September 30, the Congress approved a Continuing Resolution that will set the level of spending through November 18 of this year. It provides that spending limits through this period will be determined by either the House-passed FY 2006 Appropriations bill funding DOT or the completed FY 2005 Appropriations bill funding DOT, whichever is lower.

For example, in the case of MCSAP, the 2005 bill determines the level which in this case is $169 million, not the House-passed 2006 bill that funds MCSAP at $188 million, which is the new reauthorization level for 2006. Other state grant programs such as the CDL improvement and border grant programs may be similarly affected. Of the 2005 funding levels, only a prorated amount through November 18 will be allocated to the states.

FMCSA reports that no new programs are being funded. It recommends that a state with a unique or special request should contact the FMCSA State Programs Office.