2021 General Information

Firearms Policies

Please be aware of venue firearms policies for the  CVSA Annual Conference and Exhibition in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Beau Rivage

Uniformed Law Enforcement Personnel: Law enforcement in uniform are allowed to carry weapons on their person while on property.

All weapons must be placed in the safe provided in each of the hotel rooms. If a weapon is located in a hotel room outside of the provided safe, security will be notified immediately. Steps to retrieve the weapon(s) are stated below under “Weapons Policy.”

If a person is out of uniform and/or off-duty, the person will be subject to the same policies and procedures as a guest.

Weapons Policy: Weapons of any kind may not be brought on property, including carrying on their person (unless law enforcement in uniform – See above).

If a weapon is located, security will be notified immediately. If the weapon is in the possession of a guest, the weapon must be surrendered to security and placed in safe-keeping until the guest departs property. If the guest declines to surrender the firearm, the guest must exit property immediately.

If security is in possession of the weapon, the guest must provide proper documentation to retrieve the weapon. Once documentation is verified, the weapon may be returned to the guest.

Mississippi Coast Convention Center

Law enforcement personnel both in and out of uniform with active credentials are allowed to carry firearms in the facility. Outside of law enforcement personnel, no weapons are allowed on MCCC property at any time.

Hard Rock Hotel

Weapons are prohibited on property. Law enforcement personnel on duty and/or in their jurisdiction may carry firearms on property.