2020 Focus Area

Each year, International Roadcheck places special emphasis on a category of violations. The emphasis for 2020 International Roadcheck will be on roadside inspection driver requirements. CVSA chose to focus on driver requirements this year to highlight the importance of this vital category of the roadside inspection process.

To help drivers and motor carriers be prepared for this year’s International Roadcheck emphasis area of driver requirements, CVSA created an informational flyer for download. The flyer includes:

  • Violations that render the commercial motor vehicle driver unqualified to drive and will preclude further operation of the vehicle by its driver for a specified
    amount of time or for some violations, until the required condition is met
  • The top 10 driver-related violations found during driver roadside inspections in fiscal 2019, including the total number of driver inspections, driver violations and out-of-service driver conditions
  • A list of what inspectors will check the following during the driver interview of a roadside inspection

Download the 2020 International Roadcheck driver requirements focus area flyer.
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