CVSA Updates Inspection Bulletins, Operational Policies and Inspection Procedures

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June 8, 2017

On April 27, 2017, at the CVSA Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia, the CVSA Board of Directors voted to approve updates to four Inspection Bulletins, repealed three Inspection Bulletins and created one new Inspection Bulletin. Operational Policies 5, 14 and 15 were also updated and several Inspection Procedures were amended.

CVSA is asking all certified roadside inspectors to visit the Inspection Bulletins section of this website to download the latest versions of the Inspection Bulletins. We want to ensure all inspectors are conducting roadside inspections using the most up-to-date version of each bulletin. The CVSA website will always contain the current version of each Inspection Bulletin which should be in use by all CVSA-certified roadside enforcement personnel. Updated Inspection Procedures and Operational Policies are downloadable from your online member portal.

A new Inspection Bulletin was created:

There were changes/updates to the following Inspection Bulletins:

The following Inspection Bulletins were repealed:

  • 2011-03 – Securement of Intermodal Container on a Container Chassis Vehicle
  • 2007-01 – Express Brake International Inc. – Segmented Brake Linings
  • 2005-01 – Trailer Brake Controller (TBC) 2005 Super Duty Vehicle

About Inspection Bulletins

To assist the thousands of CVSA-certified commercial motor vehicle (CMV) enforcement officials who conduct CMV inspections every day throughout North America, CVSA provides Inspection Bulletins to its membership to help clarify specific items within the roadside North American Standard Inspection Program.

Occasionally, certain aspects of a specific regulation may need further definition, clarity or instruction to ensure inspectors are fully informed and the enforcement of that regulation is consistent and uniform throughout the jurisdictions. CVSA’s Inspection Bulletins are designed to provide additional guidance to CVSA-certified roadside enforcement personnel to help clarify or further detail the application of specific regulatory requirements.

View the full archive of active Inspection Bulletins.

Additional Resources

In May 2017, CVSA held a webinar detailing the recent updates, additions and amendments to the Inspection Bulletins, Operational Policies and Inspection Procedures. The webinar provided an understanding of the changes for easier training instruction and implementation into existing inspection programs.

To view the webinar at any time, log in to your member portal, click on the “my Video & webinar Library” tab toward the top of the page and select “webinars” from the left-hand navigation column to view webinar archives.