Teens and Trucks Tool Kit


The intent of this tool kit is to provide our members, associate members, partners and others with marketing materials, earned media tools, Op-eds, advertisements, PSAs and marketing ideas you can use to fit your local needs and objectives while at the same time partnering with other jurisdictions, communities, companies, and organizations all across the continent for your local Operation Safe Driver program. It includes messaging and templates you may choose to customize for your own use.



Course Materials

The following materials are provided here to download or you may request a DVD which includes all of the information in addition to the 12-minute instructional video.

  • This 18-page lesson plan provides a step by step guide on teaching teens and other young drivers about sharing the road safely with large trucks. The plan includes an introduction and pre-test; and explanation of the different types of vehicles on the road as well as the factors that affect safe stopping distance; driving tips; crash facts; actual case studies; and a post test.  Lesson Plan
  • An accompanying student workbook allows students to easily follow the instruction.  Student Workbook
  • In addition, a course handout provides a brief overview of tips for teens on sharing the road safely with commercial vehicles. Course Handout


Media Materials

NOTE: to download PSA files, click on link or right click and click "Save Target As..." and save to your harddrive.




Partner Packages