Teens & Trucks

There are 9.4 million kids between the ages of 16-24 driving on the highways. They make up only 4.7% of the total number of licensed drivers, but are involved in 10.1% of fatal accidents and in 13.5% of all accidents.

Getting a driver’s license is a right of passage that many teens anxiously await. For the first time in their life they are overcome with a sense of freedom. Compound this feeling with driving with friends, speeding, aggressive and other distracted driving behaviors and you can see how this rite of passage puts teens on a one-way road to increased risk.

For those reasons, the Teens & Trucks Training Program was created by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance in collaboration with the Arizona Trucking Association, Arizona Department of Public Safety and American Trucking Associations. Together these partners developed a program to help educate teens about safe driving practices around commercial vehicles.




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